Facebook Messenger Free Download

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Facebook Messenger Free Download

Clicking the download button will take you to the Google Play Store, where you can download this app.

Any notifications appear as pop-ups on your desktop.

It functions very similarly to other communication apps though, with the addition of location services.

Facebook Messenger includes Chat Heads, which means that if someone messages you while you're doing something else on your phone, a small little circle will appear showing the face of.

Facebook Messenger for Windows can no longer be downloaded.

The design of the Facebook Messenger user interface is clean and tidy.

You can either log into Facebook's website chat or look for alternatives in.

When you are finished communicating, you just swipe the icon down and remove the notification from your screen.

Simple to use thanks to Chat Heads The interface is simple to use is and themed in the same way as the.

If you have sms enabled, you can also use Facebook Messenger to talk with phone contacts.

Note that although this is the first official Facebook desktop app, there are already several programs that allow you to chat with Facebook contacts including, and.

Facebook Messenger is a stand-alone app that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends and send sms and text messages to any contact on your phone.

Facebook Messenger supports stickers, including a decent range of default stickers, plus the opportunity to purchase new stickers through the store in order to brighten up your conversations.

The blue of the menu icons and green of the alert messages stand out clearly against the app's white background and this understated look gives greater presence to the conversations.

The application now allows you to send messages to any contact in your phone, not just your Facebook friends.

You just tap on the contact, and it will open the conversation.

Since Facebook Messenger is focused on messaging, the app may seem a bit simplistic.

One is dedicated to contacts and feeds like the right column of Facebook and the other opens chats.

Facebook Messenger Free Download

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